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English enables people to communicate, share ideas, respond to text and form social relationships. These skills are embedded and practised across all learning areas; however, the structured English curriculum consists of:

  • Reading and Viewing
  • Writing
  • Speaking and Listening.

At Good Shepherd students participate in explicit small group instruction that caters for individual learning needs. Students learn to be critical thinkers, to reflect on what they have read and to develop reading strategies in order to make meaning of the text.

Reading and Viewing content is taught in ‘Clinics’. At this time students are mixed across their grade level allowing for the most effective delivery of content. Ongoing assessment ensures students’ are provided with enrichment and support as required.

In Writing students analyse the structure and organisation of different text forms, focus on appropriate language and rules for writing various genres. Students develop strategies for learning to spell using ‘SMART’ spelling program (F-6).

Students are encouraged to develop their Speaking and Listening skills. They learn to listen to others and interact appropriately to build relationships. Students plan presentations and contribute actively to class and group discussions.

Additional Support

All children in our school receive explicit, differentiated instruction based on their level of development. Those students with learning difficulties, or diagnosed conditions are able to access intervention programs such as ERIK, Reading Recovery or Levelled Literacy Intervention. These research based programs are delivered by highly qualified teachers.

We have a full time Learning Diversity Leader, who works with the classroom teachers to develop Personalised Learning Plans. This allows for goal setting and ongoing monitoring of student performance.

Our students are also supported by a team of Learning Support Officers. They work within the classroom setting- to support children one on one, or with small groups of children with similar needs.

We have a strong connection with CEM (Catholic Education Melbourne), and draw on their allied consultancy services such as Speech Pathology, Psychology and School Education Advisors.

Good Shepherd Parish School employs a qualified Speech Pathologist, who in her role is able to support classroom teachers, work with students in small groups and individually.