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Physical Education and Sport

Physical Education

Physical Education is taught to students from F-6. The aim is to develop student’s gross motor skills, co-ordination, balance and fitness.

Students learn and participate in various team-based sports where an importance is placed on the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

School Sports:

Each year Foundation students and students new to the school are welcomed into one of four House Sports’ Teams: Blue House, Gold House, Green House and Red House..

We have an annual Sports’ Carnival in which all children, Prep – Year 6, participate. 

Winter and Inter-School Sports:
During the year, Year 6 students participate in weekly Inter-School Sports along with other primary schools in the District. Sports include T Ball, Cricket, Softball, Football, Soccer, Tennis, Football, Volleyball and Netball. Year 6 students also participate in Hoop-Time Basketball each year. These activities provide students with an experience of team sports and further develop their sporting skills.

District Sport
Students from Years 3 – 6 participate in District Sports throughout the year.  These sports include swimming, athletics and cross country. Successful competitors may continue through to Region and State finals.